Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to Parent Smart - a brain science resource for raising bright children

This blog is for and about you and your children. It is designed to help you raise successful children without hovering or creating pressure on yourself or your children to "do well".   I will be explaining how you can easily apply new research on how the brain learns to your daily routines with your children. But, to get started, the most important fact for you to understand is that children are not "born" smart. The brain of your child is building itself every time your child moves, plays with toys, or listens to people talk. A child's brain is a learning machine from the second the baby is born.

Of course there are many different kinds of success and intelligence. Some of you may hope your child is successful in school, others may hope for a great athlete, still others an accomplished musician  a business leader or a great parent. What brain scientists have learned is that most children have the innate capacity to excel in many areas. Your genes get the process of brain development started but actual experiences create the building blocks necessary to master any skill.

The key to understanding how to help your child develop skills and specific intelligences is to recognize that the brain gets good at what it does. Simply put, that means that children who watch several hours of television a day are developing brains that are good for T.V. watching while those who are playing with friends are developing social and physical skills. Since most of us want children who are good at reading, or math, social skills, or athletics for example, we need to help our children spend more time in activities that foster that kind of brain-building.

The exciting thing about the new brain science is that it means all of us can raise children who are talented in several areas. And, children who feel they are good at something often have more self-confidence, become more independent, and require less hovering.

As this blog progresses I will be providing daily posts with specific information on how to prepare your toddler for school; how to help  your school-age children gain social skills, excel in music or art, and of course, do well in specific school subject areas. All the advice will be based on authoritative research with the research studies listed so that you can go read the actual studies yourself if you would like. I will provide links to other websites that also provide authoritative information to guide you. But, above all, I want you to find the pleasure of parenting without the pressure. You are already a great parent – I know because you obviously have been searching the web for helpful advice. That is how you found this blog. My job will be to help you harness your natural parenting ability so that you raise your child intelligently – help you to become parent smart.

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  1. Bravo Marty! You will have great success with this as it is a much needed topic. I am so pleased to see you getting this going. Best of luck with this as you enter the New Year.
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